My Smart Software


I am not a professional software engineer, but rather a general pediatrician with a couple of side interests.  Before going to medical school I received my BS in Cybernetics from UCLA. During medical school I did some programming work on very early versions of electronic medical records.  Now I create iOS apps.

Today we can all carry powerful computers in our pockets (and soon on our wrists!). I look for ways to apply my particular domain knowledge to create iOS apps that perform specialized functions that no other apps provide.

My first offering is Smart Launch HD, a powerful rocket launch simulation app. My original goal for this app was to provide rocketeers with an accurate simulation of the launch velocity of a rocket, so they could pick an appropriate rocket motor to achieve a safe launch. It grew to be a good predictor of launch altitude and coast time as well, which is also helpful.

My second offering is in the Pediatric arena Smart BabyBook is available free in the App Store. This app tracks growth and vaccines for children and teens.

My third app is ChildOnBoard. This was born out a desperate need to prevent infant and toddler deaths in hot cars. It is a fairly simple app which may be able to remind you to check the back seat at the end of car trip with your baby.

iOS development is a lot of fun, and it is a lot of work.  I definitely do not do this for the money. The minimal charge for these apps is really to offset the cost of being an official Apple developer.

The photo above is from the Asilomar Conference Center, site of the incomparable Big Nerd Ranch Advanced iOS Bootcamp. I cannot say enough about this program!

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