BabyBook will keep track of a child’s weight, length, and head circumference from every doctor visit and graph it for you along with either CDC or WHO standard growth percentiles. It will track as many different children as you need it to. It will also keep track of the vaccines they receive at each doctor visit and inform you whether the vaccines have been given according to the CDC vaccine recommendations. It will also tell you what vaccines are due or overdue based on the CDC guidelines. It will keep this information for as many children as you have.  The information is kept locally on your phone and is encrypted as long as your iPhone is locked.  No personal information of any kind is transmitted out of your phone, and specifically mySmartSoftware does not collect any information about our users.

The app has the ability to read vaccine bottle bar codes using the camera and store vaccine lot numbers and expiration dates for you. How well this works depends on which iPhone you have.  Each new phone’s camera is better than the last.  It also requires a steady hand.  Those vaccine bottles are SMALL.

The long-term reason for storing this information is to check the data against FDA vaccine recalls.  These are infrequent, but when they happen it usually means a child has to have a vaccine repeated.  It is on my short list to get this feature up and running to let you know if any of the vaccines your child received have been recalled.

I am currently only supporting iPhone.  If there is enough interest in an iPad version I may be able to get that done as well.  I just don’t expect you to take your iPad to your child’s doctor visit every time.

Smart BabyBook