Have you ever forgotten about your child or your pet in the back seat?

When the weather is hot this can and has led to tragic consequences. Of course, your iPhone cannot take responsibility for making sure this never happens, but it can try to remind you to check.

Using sophisticated location and motion sensing, your iPhone can get an idea of whether you are driving, or you used to be driving and now you have stopped for a while. Combine this with the ability to know when you have left home or daycare, times that you are more likely to have your child in the back seat, and this app may help you not to forget them back there.

This app works with Apple Watch to send you notifications as well.

In order to function at all, you must allow location services and notifications.  If you refuse by mistake, you can always turn them back on in the Settings app.

As with all mySmartSoftware apps, no information is collected from your iPhone during this process.  Your privacy is of paramount importance to us.

If this app ever, even one time, reminds you about a forgotten traveling companion, please let us know.

An app to remind you not to leave anyone in the back seat.