Smart Launch 2


Version 2.30 now available. Renamed Smart Launch 2 since the HD appellation is obsolete.  New flight statistics on all of your saved flights.

Now includes RSO Mode - quick Tip-of-the-rod velocity calculations with a minimum of data entry.

As far as I can tell in testing, this app is working just fine.  If you have a problem please contact me rather than trashing me on the app store!  Some features may need to be explained - look at the tutorial here on the website.

If you wish to save a rocket you must give it a unique name.  Until you do the “Save” button will be disabled.  This is not a bug.

Version 2.12 -  No new programming, but I added 473 Estes rocket kits to the database.  Hopefully that will keep people from complaining about the lack of kit diversity.

If anyone has a kit database, feel free to send it to me.

Smart Launch 2 is now much faster with v. 2.1 and the camera is working again!

When you are adding a rocket, or editing one, you can choose from a list of HPR kits from Madcow and Wildman.

Your choice will populate the diameter, weight, motor mount, length and Cd fields.  You WILL need to adjust the weight depending on how you build and prep your rocket, then let the simulation figure the Cd for you after launch!

Special thanks to Madcow and Wildman!

Version 2.0.1 went live today (16 May 2013)

I took the opportunity to add a couple of features:

Saved rockets are now alphabetized.

The cluster motor combined thrust curve can be seen on the iPhone as well as the iPad.

The display now includes the fractional motor class - such as “59% F”  for single and cluster motors, this being a little more informative than just the total Newton-seconds.

Version 2.0

Clusters and air-starts have arrived!
Check out the screen shot of the iPad with the cluster motor showing the combined thrust curve.  This display adjusts as you move the start delays, so you can see how to maximize your altitude, or avoid going over Mach.

Smart Launch 2 is a rocket launch simulation app that gives on-the-spot information about the initial moments of a planned launch.  Specifically, given a few details about the rocket and the motor, it will give the speed at which the rocket will leave the launch guide, the angle of attack of the rocket with any crosswind, as well as the thrust-weight ratio based on the initial thrust of the motor (not the average thrust). Using this information, the rocketeer can judge whether a specified motor may result in a stable flight under the given conditions.

The app also gives the expected apogee altitude and coast time for the proposed flight.

Version 1 features:

User specified units (metric, standard)

Set launch angle by tilting the device, either up against launch guide or by camera view

Set launch site altitude by GPS (if available and Location Services allowed)

Database of nearly 900 commercial rocket motor thrust curves

Remembers multiple rockets and easily switches back and forth

Calculates the Cd from observed altitude reports

Graphs the flight profile - speed, acceleration, altitude, Mach number

User can decide which motors they want to see in the list - by diameter, impulse class or manufacturer

System Requirements:

iOS 7.0+ required

Tested on iPhone 4, 4S, 5S, 6, iPod Touch, iPad (including Retina version).

Previous versions support iOS 6.0, iPhone 3G

Future Plans:

Use your own rocket photo in the rocket list

Rework the user interface to modern standards.

This is the new icon that appears with the 2.0.2 release for iOS 7.

Thanks to Jennifer Smart for the artwork!

GPS is re-enabled, as long as you give the app permission.  If you said “No” and want to change your mind, go to the Preferences App and look for Smart Launch in the Privacy -> Location Services settings.

The latest version requires iOS 7. Historically most people do upgrade iOS as soon as a new version comes out, so future versions are likely to require the latest iOS.

Be sure to tap “Check for New Motors” once in a while. I recently added a few more.

Now available in Canada, UK and Australia, and many other places around the world.

German version on hold for now, since most of my German-language customers can read the English version, and I have lots of other improvements to work on.

Privacy Notice:

Your privacy is extremely important to me.

Smart Launch 2 does not collect or transmit any information other than to your own iCloud account, if you have one.